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Painting and Decorating involves so much more than just a splashing some paint onto a wall. A room is only decorated on a rarest of occasions and thus if we want it to look good it is always worth engaging the services of a true professional in the field. London decorators are here to help you.

Your home serves as a reflection of your character and personality. Since this is your personal heaven that you live in every single day, it is only important that your surroundings look and feel and comfortable and relaxing as how you want it to be. If you don’t find these things important, let our expert decorators lend you helping hand.

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Avoid bad painters to find the right one.

Upfront Pricing

A quote is an essential part of hiring a painter and decorator in London. Without a quote you are open to being taken advantage of. Contact your local painter and decorator today and get a free quotation for your interior and exterior service.

Anytime Service

Painters and decorators in London are here to help with interior and exterior painting and decorating needs anytime. We are your local decorating company in London providing a professional service for both residential and commercial customers.

Qualified Experts

As local painters in London we always prep the surfaces first. Areas that are not being decorated will be protected and wood will be sanded down before painting to give a first class finish and vitally, we always clean up after working in your home!

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Thank you for visiting Painters and Decorators London and we are glad we can offer you the opportunity to introduce ourselves. The Painters and Decorrators London consolidates independent tradsemen, small and medium painting and decorating companies in London. We are here to connect local painter and decoartors and customers looking for help in domestic and commercial painting decorating projects in London. Small or large, please check our recommended painters decorators.

Our idea is to support local tradesman, individual Painters & Decorators and  promoting their services on the market of Greater London. There are many individuals and small organizations in London who provide high quality painting and decorating services and we hope that you will be able to find one for your needs. Starting new painting & decorating project is always an exciting and challenging time. Once all the clutter has been cleared away, you can think about your unique ideas and either follow the current design trends or let your imagination guide you.

Whether you want to give the interior of your home with an overall facelift, or you just want to paint your front room with a fresh colour and a touch of new decorations, the Painters and Decorators in London will be more than happy to help you accomplish your goals in home makeover!

With right experience, skills, and expertise, you can be sure that they can transform the feel and look of your home in just a few days!

How many times did you browse an interiors magazine and wish that your room looks as astonishing as what you saw on the glossy papers? But then again, getting this kind of result requires so many things that what you imagine. Every interior is different and yours is not an exception. You might like to add a few special touches on the ceiling or probably a detailed design. These works should be handled by professionals alone, like Painters & Decorators in London.

To do this job, you will need the right materials, tools and products. You wouldn’t want ending up wasting your hard earned money purchasing supplies and products that you don’t even need or you even have no idea how to use in the first place.

Professional Painters and Decorators make use of only the best tools, materials and products that are needed for properly carrying out the job for you so you get only what you need and want. Free up your time and have a qualified person help you with painting and decorating project moreover achieve the finish quality you are after.

Reliable Partners for Painting and Decorating Services

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The core values for each painter and decorator in London is professionalism, value and quality service both to our clients and our colleagues. We believe that good relations and communication within our company brings well managed, high quality projects to our clients. To that end, we list only the best in London painting decorating local tradesmen and encourage open employee/management communication allowing for a well-managed project from beginning to completion.

Painters Decorators London are proud on building a stron relationships with clients and because of this they enjoy repeat business with everyone. Rest assure, for best painting and decorating services chose one of the decrators listed on Painters & Decorators in London.

One of the most significant things that interior painters and decorators will take care of is the texture and colour of the paints that are used on the walls. There are many interior decorators in London, some people simply take up the job of interior decoration themselves and end up confused on how they should proceed. It is then advised to hire only the experienced painters and decorartors in London as they possess the needed expertise and knowledge to provide commercial and residential establishments with quality interior and exterior painting.

Now you can get a professional help and advice from local Painters and Decorators in London near you. With their experience, skills, and expertise, you can be sure that they can transform the feel and look of your home in just a few days!

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"What I loved most about the Painters Decorators London is that they cleaned up after working and where spotless in general. The quality of the painting was superb as well"
Mia Betty
"Painters & Decorators have done an outstanding service from start to finish. They decorated my four bedrooms for a an excellent price so i had them back to do some painting outside".
Timothy Goodman
"The standard of work is excellent and they are throughly professional painters and decorators. We will definitely be using them again and would recommend them highly."
Adam Stone