How to Find the Right Painter and Decorator

If you are about to start a remodeling project for your house you may ask yourself a question “how do I find a good painter and decorator in London?”

What are the key steps to choosing a professional painter and decorator in London for your project?

It is very important to research and compile a list of painters and decorators in your area.

1. Research each one based on these attributes:

Experience – years in the trade

Qualifications – and whether they have any.

Reviews – check out reviews given by previous customers

Ask to see examples of their work in person.

Painter decorator

2. Narrow down to three and ask for a detailed written quote:

Ask for a contract price rather than an hourly rate.

Ask them to specify how long it will take.

Make sure they visit the site in person.

3. Once you choose a tradesperson, confirm with them in writing the following:

A definite start date and finish date.

Payment expectations.

Whats required of you to prepare the area.

Gather all the information as you can about a tradesperson and their business before hiring.

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